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Q: Is there a height requirement?
A: The height requirement to ride alone is 56 inches. If riding along, the height requirement is 38 inches while the person controlling the sled has to be 56 inches tall and not younger than 16 years. The maximum height to ride is 84 inches (7 feet).


Q: Is there a weight requirement?
A: Each sled can hold up to 375 pounds in dry conditions and 330 pounds in wet weather conditions.


Q: How long does it take to do the ride?
A: Rocky Top Mountain Coaster is over 9 minutes long.


Q: Is there an age requirement?
A: Small Children (3-6 years of age) will need to ride with someone 16 or older controlling the sled.


Q: Do you stay open in the rain?
A: Yes! We sure can operate during rain and even snow. For safety, we do close during thunderstorms and heavy rains.


Q: What is the Maximum Speed I can go?
A: Our sleds can go to a Maximum Speed of about 30 mph.


Q: Can someone bump into my sled?
A: It is not allowed to bump into other sleds at any time! Please be aware that you will be responsible for all injuries and damages caused on purpose.

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